Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Horse and His Girl

Courtney & Cody, a real-life love story.

Kentucky Christmas

We picked out our Christmas tree the first weekend in December, and found the perfect tree we named Gandalf. I don't have a picture of him. I did, though, capture Courtney and Sam turning into macho-girls.

Then, Santa left me the perfect Christmas gift. Or, rather, he left Mosby the perfect gift. Or he gave Mosby…himself? I'm not sure what the correct interpretation of that picture is. 

 We had our house Christmas early, while everyone was still in town. We ate Cathedral Windows and Corn Flakes Wreaths while we unwrapped gifts.

Christy certainly knows the way to my heart. This was the perfect companion to Sam's gift for me, which was The Bread Bible. I predict our house will smell very good this year.

You know that's right. 

So, Mosby is a very spoiled cat. I freely admit I am partially to blame for this. I also freely admit his aunties are also partially to blame for this. Aunt Sam got him an Angry Bird for Christmas, much to his delight.

Mosby's mommy also got an Angry Bird (although not from Sam, so this was a coincidence, not a premeditative pairing), so we match. How cute are we?

Christmas Eve I rushed back from work to celebrate the holiday with my KY family. I really enjoyed getting to experience their traditions, and I really, really enjoyed getting a cheesecake pan in their gift exchange "game" (that I may or may not have brought myself).

The best part of the evening was getting to be with my buddies and see them enjoy the Christmas festivities. Tyler went from showing us his "face" to trying to walk around while keeping a bow on his head. That is one Christmas present I would take!

Christmas day Sam and I went to my church and then came home and made a Christmas ham with all the fixin's. We watched It's A Wonderful Life and then in the evening I had Christmas Morning with my family. Thanks, Apple, for giving us FaceTime!

My sisters have ensured that I will have plenty to do in the kitchen this year. I got bread pans, cooking utensils, a gravy separator, and…doughnut pans!

To sum up my Christmas, here's this:

I love Christmas!