Saturday, November 12, 2011

Canning Adventure

I love Fall for two reasons. Beautiful leaves. And apples.

I bought 30 lbs of apples from a local orchard and went to work making apple butter. I ended up doing 5 crookpot batches over the course of a week. The house smelled good enough that I want to find an apple butter candle to burn all the time. 

After peeling and slicing the apples, I added the sugar (a TON of sugar) and the spices and let it cook for 10 hours. I mashed the apples with a potato masher and then blended them with a blender for good measure. The first batch I did I left the peeling on the apples. I won't be doing that again.

Once the apple butter was cooked, I prepared water to can it and sterilized the jars.

I don't own one of those funnels with a big opening for canning, so I used a gravy ladle. It worked amazingly well!

Once I filled the jars, I got the bubbles out and cleaned the rims and put the lids on. I boiled them for awhile and then took them out and let them sit for 24 hours to finish sealing. There were a few I ended up freezing because I wasn't entirely convinced they had sealed, but for the most part I'd say my first attempt at canning turned out rather well!

They are shiny and pretty :-)

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