Friday, December 30, 2011


After much preparation and planning and anticipation, we finally get to marry Christy off today. The sweet part about the event is that she is marrying a great guy who is crazy about her and respects her and treats her like she deserves to be treated. The bitter part about the event is that he is whisking her off to Iowa, which, last I checked, is not exactly next door.

Having lived with her for pretty much the past 5 1/2 years, this will be a bit of an adjustment for me. We had one major in common and were on the same hall for three years. Our last year at school we technically lived in different dorms but realistically both lived in the library, and logged many hours side-by-side at our table on the main floor. The past year and half we've been housemates, which worked out incredibly well in spite of the fact that dishes are really important to me while not so much to Christy (and the fact that she originally did not like my cat. At all. Fortunately, their relationship improved as the months went on.)

Christy is an amazing girl who has always been there for me and challenged me in my faith when I've needed that accountability. I've held her when she's sobbed and she's done the same to me. She has always had an open ear and her presence alone would be an encouragement during times I was really struggling. We have signed contracts to hold each other accountable and spent hours praying for and over each other and anyone else the Lord laid on our hearts. Most of all, we have just been able to be real with each other.

Christy, thank you for your friendship and the amazing example you have been to me throughout the years. You have blessed my life more than I think you will ever be able to know. Kentucky's loss is Iowa's gain, and I have no doubt that any corn exported from there in the next few years will be that much sweeter because you are there.

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  1. Just now caught up on reading your blog. I miss you Karissa! Thank you for your incredibly sweet post. It made me cry. We have a nice pullout couch that would really love some visitors... (hint, hint)