Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sleepover With My Girls

"Miss Karissa is too boy-ish…" "Yeah, her bed is red and blue and looks like a boy's!" "And girls aren't supposed to like baseball!"


"Jenna, why do you read those books? They have bad words in them." "Yeah, I know. She calls someone D. U. M. B.!" "And there's the S word…you know…the C-H word... [whispers] Shut Up."

Essie looking rather suspicious.

"Ha, now we know what your secret ingredient to making pizza is—oil!" "That's true, but did you see what else I put on there?" "You put something else on it?" "Yep." "So we don't know then, do we?"

As I suspected. She scared me to death up there.

"All we want to do is go back to your house and play school, and all you want to do is stay at the playground and swing." "I never get to swing." "We get to swing all the time. I'll swing some for you later."

It's a good thing I didn't feed them any sugar… 

"Miss Karissa, Essie has moved and taken over my spot, and now I don't have anywhere to put my head." "Well, Mosby is sleeping on my pillow, so I can't sleep there. Where do you want me to sleep?!"


"Last night was the greatest night of my life!" "Why, because you were at my house with Chloe and Essie?" "Yes!"

Best Friends

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